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Come in and say hello, let's talk about your brows! At OBB, Olivia is our brow specialist who will talk to you and consult you in your brows, making sure that you get the best treatment suited to you. 

Henna brow lilydale
Brow lamination lilydale
Hybrid dye lilydale
Cosmetic tattoo brows lilydale
Brow lamination & tint lilydale
Brow lamination lilydale

Brow Tint $25

Our Brow Tint is richly pigmented which will give you the perfect brows. 

Hybrid Dye, Shape & Sculpt  $75

Hybrid Dye is a stain professional brow colour consisting of both Henna and Brow Tint. Hybrid Dye is a longer lasting brow stain.

* Eyebrow wax included *

Brow Lamination $65

Brow Lamination & Tint $85

Brow Lamination involves perming of your brow hairs to provide a fuller and more even look. 

* Eyebrow wax included *


Lip wax                                  $10


Chin wax                          $10


Nose wax                         $15


Brow wax                          $20


Sides of Face                     $20       

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